You’re Out There, Somewhere 

I think of you, well wonder really, but

that’s sort of the same thing isn’t it? 

I try to imagine what you’ll look like, 

if I’ve met you already and your just a

star lost in the light, somewhere 

in between these heavy clouds of storm

that seem to have made a home around

me. I wonder what I’ll say one day to 

make you laugh, and how when I hear

it, I know I’ll live my life trying to hear that 

sound until the clocks stop, that laugh that

takes me down a rabbit hole

like a high, and hold your kiss when I

kiss you, in my memories

like a glass that holds a delightful

ornament with flakes, and I shake

softly from time to time to get 

lost in something beautiful when you’re 

not in front of me. I hope I complete 

you and if fate allows me, hold your hand

like the ground holds a tree, and grow

with you until the end. 


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