My Guardian Angel Ran Away

These little pebbles of embers that float and sting through out every arm of my veins strike the walls and pierce themselves out as if they hungered to be let out every time I felt, and the ambush of feelings that taste the salt in my blood as they travel all around my body could not consume me more every night, as if a hungry animal lived within and came alive, ready to claim the emptiness that circles in my heart with every pump that thunders with fuel that ignites the little fiery lights of life I have left, and what little control I have over them dwindles from my hands as if the rope I grasp to hold them back, burns my hands as it pulls away from me, ready to come out and swallow my sentient soul like prey as I pray for my guardian angel to come save me, but it has left and saved itself from me as anything that I touched gets eaten by the death that exist in between my blinks and breaths and I am alone, waiting to explode like an anihilating sun whose fire grew too strong and too deep and destroyed the very thing that gave it life in order to keep from destroying what little loved it.


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