Devil May Care

I would lock my jaw like a locket when I saw my eyes leak out like faucets and toss my mask back on to conceal the cracks behind it. No one would know what to do if they saw it, so my soul I hide like a convict in the blackness of my pockets where I drown my flames with salty tears of sea from my eyes as I disguise myself from the comets that thrash at me from heavens cupids as they point their arrows at my heart and spear me into a bloodshed for refusing to live happy in the plastic world that was created for all to live so happily in make believe fantasy. I am able to see the tragedy of commonality and my life I would trade to death for a last breath to put me in a bed 6feet under in mother earth’s skin if it meant I would be away from this fake heaven that I know to be hell as it burns me like acid and the smell of my own flesh as I melt within my own vessel has crumbled me like paper, and I just want to write my last words with my blood as ink and throw myself away from all feeling. I’m tired of feeling too much in a world so devil may care.


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