The Accident

Based on a true experience 6 years ago.

I’d notice a light pole sitting still like a crucifix at a church, without touching it I knew how cold it was by the fog that surrounded it like a spiders orbed web, catching and blurring everything around it. It carried an eerie uncomfortable silent song that couldn’t be heard, but just the look of its rusts around its helmet of yellow light and blurred green bushes that sat around it like perfect soldiers was enough to send chills down the cracks of my skin like hungry wolf’s running with cold feet on me. Every once in awhile I would listen to the flickering of its insides like a stomach does when something is wrong, only it buzzed like a loose live wire, instead of growling like a bear when it’s hurting. Then, there was the smell of something that reminded of mint mixed with cut grass that swimmed through my nose like a fish desperate to get in the water. And just like that, my entire body froze blue, not even a touch with a hot smokers lighter could burn me back to reality as I noticed eyes staring back at me through the fogs hazy curtain that danced with the lonely poles light.
It was me.
But how!?
How could I be there when I was standing here?
Then,  chains pierced my skin like sewing needles going through cloth, and I was pulled back.
“Welcome back to life, sweetie, do you know where you are? ”
I had died for 30sec.


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